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For Vinvera’s very first design, Vinda wanted to create something that represents the project’s core values and ideas. This design was created with Scottish scarf designer Helen Ruth.

Helen as a designer, graduated from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen with a first class honours degree in textile design in 2008.  She followed that success by winning that year’s Como/ Texprint scarf design competition and working in Como, Italy. Como is the heart of the silk printing industry, designing prints for the fashion industry.

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When did it start

Through Beyond Scarf - a curated scarf boutique based in Calgary, Canada - Helen Ruth and Vinda have forged a strong professional relationship, and on a visit to Scotland in 2018, they began discussing a collaborative scarf.

The design has finally launched in October 2021. Yes, all good things take sometime to develop :) 

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The scarf features beautiful, colourful butterflies in flight across a map of the world. It emphasises connecting people across the globe to work together and create lasting, meaningful works of art — much like how Vinda and Helen Ruth were brought together by their love for scarves.

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